Hantrax - Iron Stones / 1st single from 'Find a Friend'

directed by Vlad Vlad Solovov

Han komt zo 

1st Single from ‘
Paroxysm’, 2019

Hantrax - Second Thoughts
(feat. Martha Maieu) 6th Single from ‘Paroxys
1st Single from ‘Paroxysm’, 2019
Hantrax Paroxysm 

Paroxysm’, 2019
Hantrax - Composition in Gmin
from the album ‘Gazebo Compositions’, 2017
Hantrax - Supply & Demand
from the album ‘Ticker Tape Parade’, 2016

Double dealing first single from Tickertape parade. Clip Manuel Jansens

From “Paroxysm” clip Aleksei Kazantsev