Ticker Tape Parade LP

Label: Palermo Records (2) – PALERMO 001
Format: Vinyl, LP
Released: 2016

A1. Ticker Tape Machines
A2. Paper Shredders
A3. Ready Steady
A4. Wingding
A5. Double-dealing

B1. Supply And Demand
B2. Ligger
B3. Hollywood Ending
B4. Mirror
B5. Silver Futures

Ticker Tape Parade is the abstract synthesis of Swolfs' sources of inspiration within an eclectic kaleidoscope: the origin of the New York ticker tape parade and the eccentric fair ‘Sinksenfoor” held each year in his hometown of Antwerp. Imagine 1870, when the ticker tape machine, the first digital communication medium used by stockbrokers on Wall Street, was in full use. These unique narrow strips of paper remained in use over a century and served into the 70s in American parades as cheap confetti.

Now imagine 2016; wild roller coasters, swirling rides, a haunted house, mirrors, dazzling lights, a cacophony of sound in a lunaresque park in full swing along the quays of Antwerp. 

Swolfs combines these two clashing influences into an eclectic pageantry of dark melodies, unsettling synths, fairground sounds and raunchy beats. "Ticker Tape Parade" is intense, edgy, and brooding, with a touch of madness, and with a touch of the transcendent.