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11 Kunstenaars Tegen De Muur / Born in Antwerp

‘Born in Antwerp’ Antwerp, Belgium / 2016

As part of the ‘Born in Antwerp’ project, visual artist Lieven Segers curates an open-air exhibition in the city centre.
No fewer than 11 large (and Antwerp) names make 10 works of art together on or around a facade in the centre, all in their own style.
Guy Rombouts, Fred Bervoets, Dennis Tyfus, Denie Put, Lieven Segers,
Luc Tuymans, Michèle Matyn, Guillaume Bijl, Nel Aerts and Nadia Naveau in collaboration with Nick Andrews.

The artworks has been on display for a year.

The artists' collective Fluwelen Koord and Ghent's Hantrax are an underground set and also play Stoute Meneer - the DJ of counterculture.