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High-tech Low cost Favela Paradise

‘Terrain Gürzelen’ Biel/Bienne, Switzerland / 2018

In a favela-like vertical wooden construction including a replica of a typical Belgian French fries store
in a former soccer stadium in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
During the event “Chaud Patat” organised by the Belgian artist Niels Coppens during a five month period.
A construction also conceived as stage for encounter, cultural activities and musical performances

Niels Coppens, Clembo Slice (CH)
Hantrax (BE), Kierskeurig Duo (BE)
Animalsweatshirt & Augenwasser (CH + CH)
Mik Consp & Joka (CH + CH)
Haya 33 & Jashari (CH + BE)
Caplsok & Nalish (CH/BE? + BE)
BBSWAN (CH) + Papa James (CH)