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Hantrax Vinyl Release & Studio Palermo Turns 4

‘De Studio’ Antwerp, Belgium / October 2019

Hantrax, the solo project of electronic composer, performer and pianist Han Swolfs, presents his new album Paroxysm,
inspired by the screenplay of the Jacques Bral film ‘Exterieur, Nuit’ from 1984, which also screened on the site.

Especially, the Artist Duo Arocha-Schraenen creates a visual context.
In addition, various artists present video works on new tracks from his latest album, Paroxysm.
Some special guests  also perform.

Studio Palermo celebrates its four-year anniversary and curates the night together with Palermo Records.

Hantrax (Live),
Installation: Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen
Performance: Peter Fengler
Sculpture: Bauke Noppen
DJ Sets: Kim Peers, Kay & De Mey, Cenile Dion
Guests: Brent Vanneste, Kevin Strauven, Eva Van Deuren, Ruslan Rakhmetov, Femke Fredrix, James Allen