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Hantrax|Gazebo Compositions LP(2017|Ekster)

A selection of piano improvisations

Hantrax Gazebo Compositions cover

© Cover image: video still taken from “De Koninklijke serres van Laken 1877-1902” made by Jef Cornelis in 1974 | All rights reserved © VRT | Courtesy of Argos, center for art and media Brussels

Hantrax Gazebo Compositions cover

Graphic Design Victor Robyn

Hantrax|Ticker Tape Parade LP (2016|Palermo records)

© Illustration Sven Rayen | © Graphic Design Tom Tosseyn

Hantrax|Living in my bathroom LP (2014|Ekster)

© Photography Victor Robyn | © Graphic Design Victor Robyn

Hantrax|Firecracker EP (2013|Jack Playmobil)

© Graphic Design Pascale De Backer

Hantrax|Pametex mixtape(2013|Jack Playmobil)

© Unknown

Hantrax|Haldol Dancer EP(2007|Roulette Recordz)

© Unknown