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Hantrax|Electronic composer|producer(1984|Antwerpen)

© Photo Palermo Records

HANTRAX (Antwerp, Belgium) is the solo project of electronic composer and producer Han Swolfs. Han Swolfs (° 1984 in Antwerp, Belgium) started his musical career at the age of nine playing the cello. By the time he was 14 he switched to the piano, to be accepted at the prestigious Antwerp Jazz Studio in 1999.
Han was forced to quit his tuition in 2002 due to a heavy psychosis, but he did not stop composing and recording new tracks. A selection of these tracks is available on his first LP ‘Living In My Bathroom’, released by Ekster Label in 2013.
During his slow recovery, Swolfs performed in a production for theatre company Abattoir Fermé, as a bass in the Jazz studio choir, as a soloist together with the classical orchestra of Michiel De Malsche, as a keyboardist for the Belgian bands Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat and Black Cassette. Together with Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens and Andrew Claes, Han Swolfs formed The Pink Flamingo Fusion Project.
Anno 2015 Han decided to focus on Hantrax. Although not yet renowned by a broad audience, Hantrax has built up a solid solo artist reputation in the Belgian underground scene.

Hantrax released two ep’s: ‘Haldol Dancer’ ( Roulette Recordz, 2007) and ‘Firecracker’ (Jack Playmobil, 2013).
His first lp 'Living in my Bathroom' was released with Ekster label in 2013.
Ekster's compilation EXO features one of Hantrax' piano tracks 'Oh Dear'.

© Photo Racovita Cordemans